BMW M 1000 RR (2021), superbike for the street

BMW has been linking the letter M to special sporty car models for years, such as the M3 and the M5. It is the first time that this letter is associated with a motorcycle: the M 1000 RR.

World Superbike Championship

The BMW S 1000 RR is the basis of this super sportsman. With a racing version, the German brand entered the World Superbike Championship a few years ago. The Dutch driver Michael van der Mark will drive for BMW in that championship this year: with the M 1000 RR! There is also a street version with racer components, including carbon wheels.

BMW M 1000 RR derived from racer

The M 1000 RR that we are testing can therefore be regarded as a derivative of the BMW that Michael races. The 1,000 cc engine of the M from Michael is equipped with light and strong titanium connecting rods. The exhaust system is also made of titanium. A higher maximum speed of 15,100 rpm is possible, approximately 500 more than with the S 1000 RR. The power now comes to 212 hp and the top speed is 306 km/h. You can shoot from zero to one hundred in 3.1 seconds. And then the street M is definitely a notch tamer than the racing version.

M brake system? Well that’s really great

Driving hard is one, braking hard is two. Slowing down is even faster if possible. According to BMW Motorrad, you can brake from 306 km/h to a standstill in 10.7 seconds. Then of course the road should not be wet. The braking system certainly inspires a lot of confidence. The brakes are also remarkably good to dose and speak razor-sharp as soon as you even light pressure on the brake lever. The system has brake pads suitable for track use.

BMW ShiftCam

The block has BMW’s ShiftCam technology. At higher revs, the intake camshaft switches to a different position so that the valves open further and more fuel mixture can enter. The four-cylinder gets noticeably more power from about 5,000-6,000 rpm, which you also hear from the louder intake and exhaust howl. At 11,000 rpm, the maximum torque of 113 Nm is delivered. From that moment on, the M 1000 RR screams with almost terrifying enthusiasm.

Longer and lighter aluminum swingarm

From the superbike comes the longer and lighter aluminum swingarm, which provides more stability under hard acceleration. Nevertheless, a wheelie is always lurking due to the low total weight of only 192 kg. Adjustable Wheelie Control helps you keep things under control. The M 1000 RR also has Slide control and Launch Control, just like the World Superbike. The maintenance-free chain also stems from track use. Greasing is not necessary and therefore the resistance is lower.

M Winglets for more downforce

The carbon M Winglets are also inherited from the racer. They are the air guides on the left and right in front of the cockpit. In the Superbike World Championship, almost all racers are equipped with this. They provide more downforce. With the M 1000 RR, that is a maximum of 16.3 kg at top speed. More pressure on the front wheel allows harder braking. Incidentally, we noticed that the M Winglets also promote stability at more common, legal speeds. Especially with crosswinds, less unrest in the machine is noticeable.

Quick shifter spot on!

The quickshifter allows you to shift up and down very quickly. In the Rain riding mode, however, we had the impression that it reacts a little less quickly than in Road, Dynamic or Race. Then the transmission switches spot on and the reaction to the gas is also the strongest. You can also choose three more driving modes in Race Pro. The are specific for track use.

Comfort is there to some degree

On the other hand, the BMW M 1000 RR is equipped for comfortable driving. Okay, the seating position is sporty forward, so you really do lean on the wrists. In the long run, that is not pleasant when touring quietly. But in cold weather you don’t have to have cold hands, because heated grips are standard. And with the cruise control you can save yourself a large fine. Because with 192 kg and 212 hp you have a weight-power ratio with which you can accelerate from 100 km/h to driving license-threatening zones in the blink of an eye.

BMW M 1000 RR (2021) – WALKAROUND – MotorRAI TV


This engine has a major drawback! You can never and nowhere properly lose the power on the public road. You long to get your racing license so you can hit the track. Because that is where you can really experience the talents and qualities of this M 1000 RR. We could only sniff the stability in fast corners, the confidence that the assistance systems give and an acceleration that makes you quiet. Not the engine, by the way, because above ten thousand rpm it howls with pleasure and screams for more and more. Then he challenges you again and again. Hmm, well, quickly get that racing license. That can still be added if you already decide to pay 39,350 euros (2021) for this exotic two-wheeler. With the M Competition Package, the price is almost 45,000 euros. This package includes a range of carbon fairings and mudguards, plus the M Endurance chain and a 220 gram lighter subframe. Also included in this package are a lap timer and a cover for the passenger seat.

BMW M 1000 RR (2021), superbike for the street
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