British-trained Afghan sniper shot dead day after request for help | Abroad

The Taliban shot dead an Afghan sniper who had asked a colleague in the United Kingdom for help on Sunday. It concerns a 28-year-old sergeant who was part of a commando unit set up by British special forces, reports Sky News.

The victim, whose name is not being released for security reasons, leaves behind a wife and three children, according to the news channel. He sent a voice message on Sunday to a former Afghan interpreter who now lives in the United Kingdom and worked with British commandos who set up and trained the Afghan elite unit Commando Force 333 (CF333).

“I have already sent you my documents. Let me know if you need anything else. Make sure I’m on your list. Thank you,” Rafi Hottak quoted from the request for help. The sniper was shot dead, he said, ‘because he was part of CF333’.

According to Hottak, the victim was hiding in a family member’s house but went out on the street to go to a nearby store. The Taliban found him there on Monday afternoon, the former interpreter learned from people in Kabul who were aware of the attack. According to them, the sergeant was hit by four bullets. A second source said, according to Hottak: “The Taliban have started eliminating boys trained by the Special Forces. That is why we must continue to put pressure on the British government to negotiate the evacuation of our comrades from Afghanistan.”

List of names

In anticipation of that evacuation, Hottak decided to use his contacts to collect the names of all members of CF333. As part of this, the sergeant had contacted him. He did so for the first time on August 29 in a voice message. “He said: Rafi brother, I’m one of the 333s. I’m sure you remember me. When we call someone brother, we remain brothers until death do us part. I hope you are well and your family is OK.”

Hottak has now compiled a list of about 400 names of members of the Afghan special forces, most belonging to the said commando unit, who have been stranded in Afghanistan and fear for their lives. The former interpreter submitted the list to the British government on Monday evening, urging ministers to rescue those on the list and their families.

fought along

The members of CF333 were trained and supported by the Special Air Service (SAS) commands and the Marines of the Special Boat Service (SBS), he said. They have fought the Taliban for the past 20 years and have also gone after targets from extremist groups such as IS and Al-Qaeda. “These individuals and their families accepted the risk and the danger and did not leave you alone in that war,” Hottak wrote in a letter accompanying the list of names he sent to Britain’s defense ministers and their colleagues at home and abroad.

“Now the entire country is under the control of the terrorist group they have been fighting against. With the Taliban in power, they will be hunted and many will be tortured and killed,” the letter said.

Afghan special forces in Kunduz, late September 2015.
Afghan special forces in Kunduz, late September 2015. © Reuters

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British-trained Afghan sniper shot dead day after request for help | Abroad
Source link British-trained Afghan sniper shot dead day after request for help | Abroad

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