Britons discover new mutation of coronavirus again: ‘Very worrying’ | Abroad

UpdateThe British Health Minister, Matt Hancock, reports that two infections with a new variant of the corona virus have been diagnosed in the United Kingdom. These are people who recently traveled to South Africa and were found to be infected on their return to the UK. This new variant also turns out to be more contagious than the original virus.

Last week it was already announced that – just like in the UK – a variant of the corona virus was also circulating in South Africa. The two new cases in the UK would be yet another variant. “We have again discovered two cases of a new variant here in the UK,” Hancock said this afternoon. “This new variant is very worrying, because it appears to be even more mutated than the first variant discovered in our country and transferable even faster.”

According to Hancock, South Africa has been very helpful in sharing information about the composition of the coronavirus variants in that country and the new cases could therefore be detected quickly. Susan Hopkins of the National Health Service also reports that the new variant is “very different from the one circulating in South Africa” ​​and “very contagious.” She argues that there is nothing to indicate that the vaccines already developed would not help against the new variants. “There is strong evidence that they will work.”

Hancock reports that the two infected people have been quarantined. This also applies to the persons with whom they have been in contact. The British minister stated that there will be immediate restrictions on traffic from South Africa. Anyone who has visited that country in the past two weeks should also be quarantined.


The British first discovered a new variant of the virus in the kingdom last week. The variant is said to be up to 70 percent more contagious than the ‘normal’ corona virus. The news triggered a chain reaction of actions by different countries. Following the example of the Netherlands, many countries closed their borders to passenger traffic from the United Kingdom. The contagious variant has now also turned up elsewhere. Yesterday most borders were more or less opened again, a negative corona test is necessary to continue traveling.

It was just announced that the variant of the coronavirus circulating in the UK has been found in Israel. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health reported this, according to Reuters news agency.

Great Britain further locked

Hancock also announced during his press conference this afternoon that from Boxing Day more parts of Great Britain will be locked in the fight against the corona virus and its variants. The measures are mainly being increased in parts of England where until now lighter restrictions applied. Until recently, the mutation mainly occurred in the capital London and neighboring regions.

The number of corona infections in the UK has continued to rise again today. 39,237 new infections and 744 corona deaths were reported in the past 24 hours. The day before, there were 36,804 new infections and 691 deaths. Those numbers were also higher than the days before.

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Britons discover new mutation of coronavirus again: ‘Very worrying’ | Abroad
Source link Britons discover new mutation of coronavirus again: ‘Very worrying’ | Abroad

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