Broekers will talk about problems in public transport at Ter Apel

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At the request of the House of Representatives, State Secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol (Asylum Affairs) will shortly talk to the transport companies, mayors and provinces about the incidents that take place in public transport around Ter Apel, Zwolle and Emmen. The application center is located in Ter Apel and some of the asylum seekers have been causing problems in the buses and trains that run between these places for a long time.

This would mainly concern asylum seekers who come from safe countries, who have no chance of asylum and who misbehave or exhibit criminal behaviour. Asylum seekers who cause serious nuisance outside the asylum seekers’ centers can be placed in a special reception and surveillance location. Expansion is in the works in that area, Broekers reported to the House.

The bus drivers have already complained about the problems before and last week they took action together with the union. According to SP MP Jasper van Dijk, the drivers there are no longer able to cope. He reported in a debate on asylum matters that earlier Wednesday a bus driver was robbed and that in the evening there was abuse at the station, apparently by safe citizens.

Broekers thought that was “really awful to hear” and promised to “go straight for it”. The police were not immediately available on Wednesday evening to confirm the news about the robbery and the assault.

According to her, much is already being done to tackle the problems. For example, the ministry has made 250,000 euros available to better secure the bus line to Emmen. Boas are also active when boarding passengers. The State Secretary emphasized that the responsibility lies with employers to ensure the safety of staff and passengers. But a broader conversation is needed, she says.

SP, VVD and CDA have submitted a motion urging the outgoing cabinet to quickly sit down and find solutions. The motion, which will receive a lot of support, will be voted on Tuesday.

Earlier this week it was announced that carrier Arriva has received permission from the Ministry of Justice and Security to give supervisory employees “limited powers of force”. Those plans are now being further elaborated, State Secretary Steven van Weyenberg (Infrastructure) wrote to the House in response to questions from the PVV.

Arriva deploys the extra supervisory staff as duos and has fitted them with bodycams. Personnel have also been deployed for access controls on the platforms in Zwolle and Emmen and cameras have been placed at Zwolle station, says Van Weyenberg.

Broekers will talk about problems in public transport at Ter Apel
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