Businesses must be more inclusive, sustainable and fair, say entrepreneurs

Business associations MKB-Nederland and VNO-NCW want to focus on ‘broad prosperity’ with a lot of attention for sustainability, inclusivity and a fair society. This is stated in the future agenda for 2030, with which the newly appointed VNO-NCW chairman Ingrid Thijssen wants to break new ground.

For example, employers want to provide an internship for everyone who needs it, and they want to have 200,000 jobs by 2030 for people at a distance from the labor market. They also open the door to an increase in the minimum wage.

A spokesperson calls the new course an enrichment of the traditional entrepreneurial pillars, such as less regulatory pressure and innovation. “We are concerned about tensions that we see in all areas of society and have looked at how we as a business community can contribute to addressing them.”


The business associations say they realize that many companies are currently in crisis, but are trying to look further with this new vision for the future. “Corona has put under a magnifying glass all the concerns that were already there, such as the inequality of opportunity and the insecurity of many people about their jobs. That’s why we come up with these proposals and agenda.”

In order to work towards ‘broad prosperity’, the entrepreneurs make various proposals, both for the government and for the business community. Based on the Raboresearch economic model, they expect their investment agenda to increase prosperity by a fifth by 2030, compared to the situation for corona.

‘Enough to Talk About’

Trade union FNV believes that the vision for the future “speaks good ambitions”. Chairman Han Busker says that the new course offers openings to solve problems, but also that it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that workers get more job security. According to the union, this is still lacking in the plans for a green agenda. Nevertheless, Busker says he sees enough starting points in the future agenda to discuss this with employers.

The reaction from the CNV union is also predominantly positive. The union calls it a great thing that entrepreneurs draw attention to diversity, climate and employee participation. Chairman Piet Fortuin speaks of a helping hand to the trade unions and indicates that he wants to look together with employers for solutions to the current problems in the labor market.

Businesses must be more inclusive, sustainable and fair, say entrepreneurs
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