‘But Najib Amalia is inappropriate’

The first episode of the new season of the TV Kantine is over and it is clear that Elise Schaap is now the absolute king of the imitators in the Netherlands. Twitter hailed the actress. But there was also criticism of ‘Najib Amalia’.

Many famous people are now imitated on Dutch television. In that respect, it is best to limit yourself to the TV Kantine. What once started as Spicy Times for Irene Moors and Carlo Boszhard has evolved into a big show where the perfumed characters can hardly be distinguished from the real celebrities. Some characters even look more like the person himself, as Elise Schaap already showed last season with the imitation of Nikkie Plessen.

Elise Schaap is the queen of the TV Canteen

It is no longer just Irene Moors and Carlo Boszhard that people are zapping to the TV Kantine. Elise Schaap is the actress that matters. Her parodies of Nikkie Plessen, Marieke Elsinga and Miljuschka Witzenhausen border on perfection and last night Queen Maxima joined them again. Twitter could not stop talking.

Another newcomer is Ricardo Ras, who with his imitation of Robert ten Brink de The Casting Canteen. The award was featured in the TV Canteen and he also garnered praise on Twitter after his baptism of fire. Furthermore there was applause for Fred van Leer and Patricia Paay and media expert Rob Goossens became somewhat Made fun of.

Watch the first episode of the TV Kantine here.

Twitter not charmed by ‘Najib Amalia’

But there was also criticism. Because in addition to Elise Schaap as Maxima, Najib Amhali could also be seen as Amalia. And that shot many viewers in the wrong way. “She’s only a 17-year-old girl”, one viewer responds. Writer Arthur van Amerongen: “Bah. Everything for the ratings. This is fat shaming. ” Many viewers could also laugh about it. Judge yourself.

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Elise Schaap hailed after TV Kantine: ‘But Najib Amalia is inappropriate’

'But Najib Amalia is inappropriate'
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