Cabinet allocates 28 billion euros to reduce CO2 emissions

Photo: Odi Bassman

The Cabinet will spend 28 billion euros on 120 individual measures to tackle climate change, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions by at least 55% and possibly 60% by 2030.

Climate Minister Rob Jetten said Wednesday afternoon that the costs and benefits of change should be shared as evenly as possible so that climate policy “works for everyone, regardless of age or income, wherever they live.” said.

This measure focuses on reducing CO2 emissions from industry, the transport sector and power generation. There will also be more subsidies for private homes to improve their insulation, and the application process should be as “low threshold” as possible, Jetten said.

The main CO2 measures are as follows.

  • All gas- and coal-fired power plants must be closed by 2035
  • Energy tax is lower for households with less than 800 cubic meters of annual usage.details in the fall
  • €425 million to improve energy efficiency in poor residential areas
  • Funding of €100 million for solar panels in the rental sector
  • Gasoline prices rise, making electric vehicles more attractive
  • €600m Continues to Boost Used Electric Vehicle Market
  • 90 million euros allocated for the expansion of the charging point network
  • €65 million for research on the construction of small-scale nuclear power plants

The minister said the landscape of the Netherlands will inevitably change with the arrival of more wind and solar plants, but they must adapt to blend in as much as possible. Light power plants also need to install a battery system to store energy for bad weather.

The CO2 plan is separate from government measures to cut nitrogen-based emissions that have split the Cabinet and are still in the making. Cabinet allocates 28 billion euros to reduce CO2 emissions

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