Cabinet angry about ‘inappropriate’ tweet from Slovenian prime minister

The cabinet is angry about a tweet from Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa. The tweet contains an image in which, among others, MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld and other Dutch (former) parliamentarians are called “Puppets of George Soros”. George Soros is an American-Hungarian billionaire and philanthropist who is especially hated by the right-wing radicals.

Prime Minister Rutte says he finds Jansa’s tweet “tasteless”. “I’m moving away from that as much as possible,” he wrote on Twitter. “The cabinet has just informed the Slovenian ambassador in The Hague that.”

The timing of Jansa’s tweet is not coincidental. In ‘t Veld, as leader of a delegation of MEPs, is visiting Slovenia this week to investigate the rule of law and freedom of the press in the country. The EU is concerned, among other things, about the independent media that are under pressure. Slovenia currently holds the presidency of the EU. This means that the country will lead all councils and meetings up to and including 31 December, and will therefore also determine the agenda.

witty comments

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also says that portraying MEPs as puppets is “totally inappropriate”. The ministry emphasizes that it considers it important that MEPs can do their work and carry out their mandate. “And this also means conducting monitoring missions to assess the state of the rule of law in EU Member States. This should be discussed well between the authorities and MEPs during these visits, rather than making witty remarks on Twitter.”

In Jansa’s tweet, the late former MEP Hans van Baalen is also referred to as “Soros’ doll”. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it finds it “additionally distasteful” that references to deceased parliamentarians are made.

Cabinet angry about ‘inappropriate’ tweet from Slovenian prime minister
Source link Cabinet angry about ‘inappropriate’ tweet from Slovenian prime minister

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