Cabinet: no more AstraZeneca vaccine for under 60s

People under the age of 60 will no longer receive the AstraZeneca corona vaccine. To prevent health risks, outgoing Minister De Jonge wants this group to receive a different vaccine. In doing so, he is taking over the emergency advice from the Health Council.

According to the minister, the vaccine can be used “properly and safely” for people older than 60 years.

According to De Jonge, the decision has no major consequences for the planning of the vaccination strategy. AstraZeneca was already primarily intended for the elderly. The minister does not know how many people under the age of 60 now miss out on a vaccination against corona in the short term.

In the second half of May, all elderly and people with an increased health risk had a first injection with a corona vaccine, according to the planning. De Jonge calls it “good news” that the AstraZeneca vaccine remains available to those people.

That good news does not apply to people under 60 who themselves do not object to receiving AstraZeneca. No exception is made for them, says De Jonge. “We now fully need that vaccine for the over-60s.”


The urgent advice was prompted by a side effect that came to light. In the Netherlands, eight reports were received of women who developed a rare combination of thrombosis and a reduced number of platelets after vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine. One of the women died of it. Because of the reports, the Netherlands had already suspended vaccination for under-60s.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) determined yesterday that it is indeed an adverse reaction. This is a very rare side effect, with a chance of less than 1 in 100,000. Because of that small chance, the drug agency said the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.

Second shot

Nevertheless, the Health Council advises stopping the AstraZeneca vaccine in people younger than 60. For them, the risk of the side effect is greater.

People under the age of 60 who have already had a first injection with AstraZeneca will receive a second injection from the same manufacturer. Research shows that the rare side effect only occurs with the first injection.

Cabinet: no more AstraZeneca vaccine for under 60s
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