Cabinet supports residents and entrepreneurs affected by flooding in Limburg

Much damage and suffering

The floods and flooding cause a lot of damage and suffering to residents of Limburg. The water makes homes uninhabitable and many businesses and retail properties have also suffered major damage. Insurers have now started processing the claim and the first amounts have also been paid out.

Compensation for damage in the event of disasters

On 16 July 2021, the cabinet declared the Compensation for Compensation for Disasters (Wts) applicable to material damage as a result of the high water in Limburg in mid-July 2021. Residents, entrepreneurs, governments, religious institutions, associations and foundations are eligible. for compensation for the costs of material damage that is not insurable, avoidable or recoverable.


A ministerial regulation is currently being drawn up for this, in which the precise conditions are included. Further information will follow as soon as the scheme has been adopted. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) implements the scheme as soon as it is ready and has valuations carried out, processes the claim forms, decides on applications on behalf of the Minister of Justice and Security and pays out.

NOW and regulation unworkable weather

The NOW is available due to the exceptional period due to corona. Employers who expect at least a 20% loss of turnover (compared to a three-month period in 2019) can contact the NOW counter of the UWV from 26 July. With this wage support they can continue to pay their staff. Employers can apply for the scheme up to and including September 30, with retroactive effect to July 1 of this year.

Regulation ‘unworkable weather’

Employers can also make use of the unworkable weather scheme if agreements have been made about this in the collective labor agreement. Through this scheme, employers can apply for unemployment benefits for their employees if the weather is unworkable. Employers can claim the scheme up to and including Monday 26 July. If no agreements have been made about flooding in the collective labor agreement, employers can make use of the NOW. Please note, if you apply for NOW and also receive other compensation, this may have consequences for later settlement. Inquire about this with your application.

Allowance for Fixed Expenses

The Fixed Cost Allowance (TVL) scheme for the third quarter of this year is expected to open at the end of August. Entrepreneurs affected by the floods, just like entrepreneurs with at least 30% loss of turnover due to the coronavirus, can apply for support for their fixed operating expenses from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) via during that period. The TVL subsidy conditions remain the same.

Damage to crops

Farmers, arable farmers and growers may experience negative cash flow from damage to their crops as a result of heavy rainfall and flooding. That is why the Ministry of LNV is looking into whether it is possible to reopen the 80% advance scheme for CAP income support, so that farmers have these funds a few months earlier.

Cabinet supports residents and entrepreneurs affected by flooding in Limburg
Source link Cabinet supports residents and entrepreneurs affected by flooding in Limburg

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