Cabinet takes extra measures against corona boom

Photo: ANP

Another corona press conference is planned at the beginning of the evening. Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and corona minister Hugo de Jonge will then announce what measures the cabinet has taken to reduce the large number of infections. According to one person involved, the cabinet will have to make a lot of decisions earlier in the day.

It seems most likely that the cabinet will follow the advice of the Outbreak Management Team to have catering, non-essential shops and cultural institutions close at 5 p.m. Education may remain open. But whether additional measures are being considered in schools to prevent infections there, for example, is still unclear.

A relatively large part of the infections is caused in schools, also because children under the age of twelve are not vaccinated. In an emergency advice on Thursday, the OMT said schools must remain open. In a previous advisory report, the experts said they would prefer to “avoid” measures for education. But additional rules in schools might be needed.

Cabinet takes extra measures against corona boom
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