Call of Duty remains available on PlayStation

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The popular computer game Call of Duty will remain available for the PlayStation from Sony even after the acquisition of game maker Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. Microsoft made that promise, which has a competing game console with the Xbox.

Microsoft previously announced that it has $69 billion (more than 60 billion euros) to pay for the acquisition of Activision. The company has yet to get approval from authorities. To allay concerns about market power, Microsoft made a series of announcements.

There is still a contractual obligation to keep games available for the PlayStation. But even if it expires, games for that game console will remain available, according to Microsoft.

Furthermore, Microsoft promised that developers will not be forced to use certain payment systems in app stores. “We are more focused on adapting to regulations than fighting them,” said Microsoft Vice President Brad Smith at a press briefing.

During the briefing, Microsoft explained the company’s principles for its Microsoft and Xbox stores, where users can purchase software for computers and games for the PC and Xbox. Microsoft also pledged not to use non-public data from the app store to compete with apps from rival developers. The company also wants to prevent its own apps from being “unreasonably” preferred over others.

Call of Duty remains available on PlayStation
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