Campaign against laughing gas in traffic has started again

The use of nitrous oxide in traffic is becoming increasingly common in the Netherlands. Last year, the police registered nearly 3,000 traffic incidents involving nitrous oxide, while 1,700 were reported in 2019. Although laughing gas is prohibited in traffic and there are high fines for this, young people sometimes use a balloon behind the wheel. For them, the car is the place to use laughing gas; it is a comfortable place with a lot of privacy, according to previous research by TeamAlert. As a result, young people quickly make the choice to drive under the influence of laughing gas and they no longer see the danger due to the effects of the substance. Using nitrous oxide in the car strongly influences the driver’s reaction and judgment.

“Don’t be a clown in traffic”

For TeamAlert it is clear: the use of laughing gas in traffic is life-threatening. In order to tackle this problem, TeamAlert started in 2020 with the “Driving Balloon Free” campaign. The continuation of this campaign begins today. With the slogan “don’t be a clown in traffic”, TeamAlert wants to show young drivers and young passengers that laughing gas is not okay in traffic.

“The police are increasingly seeing accidents in traffic that may have involved laughing gas. Unfortunately, it is therefore urgently necessary to point out to young people the effects of the use of laughing gas in traffic,” says Barbara Visser, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. “Do not endanger yourself or others with the risk of serious accidents. Do not get behind the wheel under the influence of nitrous oxide and ask your friends not to do so either.”

During the campaign, TeamAlert will talk to young people about nitrous oxide in traffic via social media and youth workers, based on statements about this theme. In addition, TeamAlert shows the opinion of young people about laughing gas in traffic in a campaign video. On the website of “Rij Ballonvrij” TeamAlert provides information about the influence of nitrous oxide on your driving behavior and tips to prevent nitrous oxide while driving.

Fun action in Utrecht

In addition to launching the campaign online, TeamAlert organized a fun campaign on Thursday in the center of Utrecht, on the Stadhuisbrug. There, youth information officers talked to young people about nitrous oxide in traffic. Materials can also be found on the campaign website in a toolkit. This material, consisting of social media posts and videos, is available to municipalities, provinces and community officers to further spread the “Rij Ballonvrij” campaign message.

Campaign against laughing gas in traffic has started again
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