Car test – Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI (2021)

Little ones grow up. You see it with all brands, Volkswagen is no exception. The Polo was launched in 1975 as an affordable model under the Volkswagen Golf. Intended to help buyers with tighter budgets buy a new car. That original version was only available in a ‘bare’ version. You could only choose from a 900, 1,100 or 1,300 cm3 four-cylinder engine.

Volkswagen Polo alternative for the higher segment

Today, the Volkswagen Polo is an alternative to a larger model, given the possibilities with equipment. Especially if you don’t always need a lot of space. The version restyled for 2021 is also comfortable to drive. With its assistance and communication systems, the richer equipped versions, such as the tested Style, are in no way inferior to cars of a higher, more luxurious segment.

Lower starting price for Polo

The entry price of 19,990 euros is almost 2,000 euros lower than that of the previous version of the Polo. Is the equipment stripped? Not really! In fact, you get even more. Such as LED headlights, a full digital cockpit, multimedia controls from the steering wheel and air conditioning. If you browse through the accessories or opt for a higher version, you will soon lose more. The tested Style version with 1.0 TSI engine of 95 hp and with automatic transmission comes to more than 27,000 euros.

Job description with pedestrian and cyclist recognition

But the Polo basically has more to offer. Safety is served by the standard Lane Assist system, which subtly intervenes with reverse steering if you threaten to get out of the lane. And the Polo now has Front Assist. This system helps you keep a safe distance from a vehicle in front and its job description also includes pedestrian and cyclist recognition.

Not noticeably different in appearance

Eye to eye with the new Volkswagen Polo, the new design will not immediately stand out. The designers have done their work with a subtle hand. The horizontal bars of the grille are partly extended over the full width, so that the front again matches the family face of all Volkswagen models. In the Style version, the headlights with standard matrix LED lighting (IQ.LIGHT LED Matrix headlights) are connected to each other via an illuminated LED strip.

Interior with a nod to Golf

The most change is in the Polo. The dashboard with the digital cockpit is completely new. The interior looks clearly more mature. You imagine yourself in a Volkswagen of a higher segment, such as the Golf or even the Passat.

3 x 2 crates stacked on top of each other

The Volkswagen Polo is also quite spacious considering its exterior dimensions. You have enough space for trips with the children and their luggage. There is not much legroom left behind. The luggage compartment is remarkably deep. 3 x 2 crates of beer stacked on top of each other fit in, to give an idea.

‘That little one from 1975 has really grown up!’

Large adjustment range driver’s seat

The driver’s seat can go back mega far. So far that I can no longer reach the pedals with my 1.80 meter height. Of course, the knee room in the back seat is limited. With the front seat in a normal position, there is nevertheless plenty of room for adults to move in the rear.

Little old school, much digital

Together with a rotary knob for audio volume, the normal ignition key is the only ‘old school’ in operation. Because for functions, systems, audio and navigation you have to rely on the large touchscreen or switches on the steering wheel. Even the temperature control is done with touch keys. And the projection of the digital cockpit can also be changed. Three layouts are possible. You choose from there with a switch on the steering wheel.

Economical three-cylinder

The 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine performs quite well. 95 hp is sufficient and the power source excels by pulling power at low revs. The automatic transmission switches up quickly, unless you put the automatic transmission in the S position. He does that quick upshifting to save fuel. That works fine in practice. 1 liter per 20 km is perfectly feasible, especially on longer distances.

Activate navigation on demand

Car test – Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI (2021)
Source link Car test – Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI (2021)

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