CBS: 561,000 people could work more in 2021

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Last year, the Netherlands had at least 561,000 part-time workers who were immediately available to work more hours. This is reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Young people in particular were available for extra hours.

The statistical office states that the part-time workers concerned were part of the untapped labor potential. About 6 percent of the labor force last year was a part-time worker who could have worked more hours. The total employed labor force counted 9.3 million people between the ages of 15 and 75.

The group of people who could have worked longer also included the so-called semi-unemployed. They were available for paid work but had not looked for it recently, or they had searched but were not immediately available.

Especially in the catering industry, many people were immediately available for more hours. People could also work more hours in culture, sports and recreation. These groups generally have more young people in work.

According to Statistics Netherlands, the unused labor potential has been declining for years. In 2014 there were still 2.1 million people. Last year there were 1.3 million. There was only an increase in the first corona year of 2020.

CBS: 561,000 people could work more in 2021
Source link CBS: 561,000 people could work more in 2021

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