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From March 1st, a valid municipal waste disposal card will be required to access the Groningen bulk waste disposal site. announced on its website on Tuesday. Prior to this, a letter will be mailed to all households with details.

Groningen distinguishes between two types of litter. household waste (huishoudelijk afval) and oversized garbage (Grofville). Household waste is all waste that easily fits in a regular trash can and does not contain harmful chemicals or electrical circuits. Bulky waste is trash, plasterboard, broken furniture, and other items that cannot be put into regular trash cans.

Most residents of municipalities require a waste disposal card (house building pass) Deposit the remaining waste in a communal roadside container. These cards are free and can be obtained by anyone with a legal address in Groningen. Households that have already been issued will have to present it to the waste disposal facility attendant starting next month.

gray and green bottle

If you live in an apartment complex, there may be a communal dumpster near your front door. In some cases, local governments provide bins that make it easier for garbage trucks to collect roadside trash. These bins are usually gray or black. Trash cans are emptied regularly along with household rolling bins in some areas. Place your household waste in the gray or green bins and a waste disposal card will be mailed to you by the end of the month. They are only needed to access the city’s recycling center.

Waste recycling center in Groningen

You can bring in large bulky items, garden waste, construction and demolition waste 2 depots Groningen: Duinkerkenstraat 99 and Electronstraat 2.

Please note that these garbage collection depots have limited hours of operation. Also, these locations are for personal use only. Changes to Groningen’s bulky waste regulations – The Northern Times

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