City Central and RUG Legal Association Collaborate on “Inclusive Social” Events

Two famous professors will speak at the event on March 10th

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City Central and the University of Groningen Law School Research Association Nexus, JFV and Elsa will host an online panel discussion on Dutch diversity policy and EU anti-discrimination legislation on March 10th at 15:00.

Professor Mark Bovens of Utrecht University joins Aikaterini Tsampi, an assistant professor of international law at RUG, who previously contributed to the UN Commission on Human Rights as an independent scholar. Judith Frens, a law student, will join them to discuss the fight against Dutch diversity and discrimination on the EU side.

The debate is particularly visionary for several reasons. In particular, it comes from a report by the Dutch Advisory Board, which called the Netherlands the “Immigration Association” in December 2020.

A council report called on the government to adopt integrated policies to help new migrants navigate Dutch society. What are the needs of the modern and diverse immigrant population of the Netherlands? And how can the Dutch local and national governments take responsibility for helping newcomers to relax and be truly welcomed in the Netherlands?

In addition, many features of the Dutch and EU approaches that appear to lead a dual life in terms of discrimination.

The Netherlands is considered a human rights bastion (both domestically and internationally), but recent events, including the toeslagenaffaire, and the second-largest far-right party in the Dutch Parliament have questioned this view. Moreover, at the EU level, immigration policy across the EU can be considered generally discriminatory with respect to the principles of rights conveyed based on where a person was born. This is before considering the treatment of immigrants who have been blocked from entering the EU.

In any case, this event should be an interesting dive into the debate on immigration policy and human rights in Europe! Sign-up and attendance are free for everyone, and attendees are invited to submit questions to the panel via the same form.

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City Central and RUG Legal Association Collaborate on “Inclusive Social” Events

Source link City Central and RUG Legal Association Collaborate on “Inclusive Social” Events

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