Claims against Philips on the rise in the US

About 530 Americans have filed a claim for damages against Philips over health complaints caused by a defective sleep apnea device from a health technology company. A spokesperson confirmed that about 400 cases were still involved when the company reported quarterly results in April, Eindhoven Dagblad reported.

“The whole thing is still in its very early stages. Personal injury has not yet been proven on a case-by-case basis,” the spokesperson said. A spokesperson said, “Through independent laboratory testing, we have already proven that the foam in our sleep apnea device does not cause injury, and we have publicly disclosed that.”

The sleep apnea device problem that has plagued Philips for years revolves around the insulating foam inside the device. This can crumble or release chemicals when in contact with certain cleaning agents, which can cause health problems. This issue has forced Philips to recall and replace millions of sleep apnea and respiratory devices worldwide.

In addition to individual damages claims, numerous class actions are also pending. The company has set aside hundreds of millions of dollars for these. Claims against Philips on the rise in the US

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