Claire Meiland (3) may no longer be in the picture of the Inspectorate, because ‘child labor’

Claire Meiland, the blonde daughter of Maxime Meiland, is no longer allowed on television. At least not more than five times a year. The Meilandjes are fed up with this.

In the new season of Chateau Meiland Maxime Meiland’s daughter, 3-year-old Claire, will be seen a lot less in the series. According to the Inspectorate SZW (Social Affairs and Employment), Claire is only allowed on television five times a year. The news has already reached our southern neighbors.

Grandma Erica

“Very unfortunate, also for the viewers,” says grandmother Erica Meiland On Veronica Magazine. “Claire was always just bumping along, but the inspection pretends she’s hard at work.”

For the recordings of Chateau Meiland this is far from ideal, says Erica, who was smiling earlier this month in front of the Sold sign in front of their farm in Hengelo. “If we are now playing and Claire is somewhere where we need to be, then she has to get out of the picture: come on girl, just go behind the iPad … Which she doesn’t want at all.”

Lawyer for Claire Meiland

The Meilandjes have engaged a lawyer to see if they can do something about it, because according to Erica this situation is ‘not workable’. “She can probably still be seen in the first three episodes, but then there were two ladies from the inspection …”

#what goeeeeed

The news unleashes Twitter’s tongues. One person thinks it is nonsense. “Little Claire would appear too often in the popular reality series. The same commercial breaks in which children appear all night long, that’s allowed. So annoying. ”

And: „A little one that has to work is not possible, but this girl is just walking around. Also play nice in the previous episodes and not too much in the picture. But in this little country they have something to complain about again. ”

Someone else thinks it is good, or “how goeeeeeeed!” that Claire is more protected. ”Very unfortunate, also for the viewers, ‘says Erica Meiland! Viewing figures therefore take precedence over the protection of the child, according to de Meiland family! Just outrageous! Good thing for the ministry. ”

And someone who is clearly not a fan is wondering aloud otherwise. “Can’t it be done entirely from TV?” He’s not alone. “Is that Meiland hassle not just finished? ”

Drenthe catering man opened his terrace: “I had a treat for 10,000 euros!”

Art children

The Meiland family could try to have Claire designated as a so-called ‘art child’. “Some children are allowed to participate in a professional theater, dance or music performance. Or they can play in a film or a television program ”, the ministry explains. Or else possibly apply for an exemption from child labor. “Children up to the age of 13 are not allowed to work in the Netherlands; that is a total ban: the ban on child labor ”, the ministry writes on the website. “You can only get an exemption for children in this age category if it involves cultural work (artistic work). Think of children who participate in theater performances, films and television programs. ”

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Claire Meiland (3) is no longer allowed in the picture: ‘As if she is working hard …’

Claire Meiland (3) may no longer be in the picture of the Inspectorate, because 'child labor'
Source link Claire Meiland (3) may no longer be in the picture of the Inspectorate, because 'child labor'

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