Cleaning Netherlands: Don’t forget the cleaners in healthcare!

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Now that vaccination against Covid-19 is about to start in the Netherlands, Schoonmakend Nederland warns not to forget the cleaners in the healthcare sector again. ‘After a significant portion of the care cleaners are wrongly not included when applying for the care bonus of 1000 euros net, they are again forgotten. Now with the vaccination against Covid-19, ‘said Piet Adema, chairman of Schoonmakend Nederland. Adema is therefore calling on the House of Representatives to give cleaners explicit priority in obtaining the vaccinations.

Cleaning Netherlands calls for a careful vaccination approach, in which every front-line employee is vaccinated; so also the cleaners in healthcare. The staff of hospitals and healthcare facilities are at the forefront of the queue to obtain the first vaccinations against Covid-19 in the Netherlands. Adema says about this: ‘We also endorse this. But not only healthcare personnel, but also healthcare cleaners are at great risk. For example, the cleaners clean the Covid wards, provide a clean IC and enable healthcare personnel to do their job safely. The cleaners run a great risk of contracting the virus. For this reason alone, they should be among the first professional groups to be vaccinated. ‘

The same department

In addition, Adema wonders about the safety of the cleaners and their (work) environment, when all other care personnel around them have been vaccinated: ‘Care personnel and care cleaners work in the same departments, then it cannot be the case that one has been vaccinated, but the other is not? How safe is this and what effect does it have on reducing the virus? Here, the continuity of care and the interests of the cleaner threaten to come back into behavior. Hence our call. Right now ‘.

No care bonus

‘It is necessary to continue to draw attention to the position of care cleaners. They are now in danger of being forgotten again, after a number of care institutions have not applied for a care bonus for the cleaners. This is due to administrative red tape or simply too much work. Surely it cannot be the case that the cleaners, while they are entitled to it, have to go after it themselves? ‘, Concludes Adema; ‘After all, cleaners form the basis of the continuity of care in the Netherlands.’

Cleaning Netherlands: Don’t forget the cleaners in healthcare!
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