Cloth still falls for basketball competitions | Regional sports

Only the premier league in men and women will continue in basketball. The season is over for all other clubs. The basketball association (the NBB) decided that this week. Four weeks ago it was already known that eighty percent of all teams in the south no longer wanted to play a competition.

For a long time, the association wanted to continue to offer basketball anyway, to allow players and referees to gain experience and to allow coaches and referees to take their practical exams. Now that the indoor sports accommodations will remain closed until at least April 20 due to the corona measures, the curtain is still falling. “We have had to conclude that it is not realistic to maintain the ‘framework’ of the already planned league matches, now that there is absolutely no prospect of easing in the short term,” the association explains in a message to its members. .

401 of 498 teams have already been withdrawn

In the first week of March, a total of 55 associations in the South division (consisting mainly of teams from North Brabant, Zeeland and Limburg) had already withdrawn one or more teams. It concerns 401 of the 498 teams. The NBB allowed this free of charge until 1 March. Normally fines are charged for not participating anymore.

Among them Almonte from Eindhoven, The Black Eagles from Rosmalen and Blauw-Wit from Roosendaal. Eastwood Tigers from Oosterhout still wanted to continue. The association is still looking into whether it can offer its members a summer competition or clinics to end the season with basketball.

Cloth still falls for basketball competitions | Regional sports
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