Court: Dismissal of an agent who informed the press about sexual harassment ‘entirely justified’ | Inland

The court in The Hague ruled that the criminal discharge of a 41-year-old police officer from Haarlemmermeer is completely justified. The agent didn’t want to the NRC are allowed to step in with information about sexual harassment from her team chief. Last summer, the chief’s dismissal was withdrawn by the court.

Two years ago, the chief agent forwarded unwanted WhatsApp messages to the NRC Handelsblad, in which her supervisor suggests anal sex. Both the chief and the officer herself were fired. He for transgressive behavior, she for violating the duty of confidentiality. The officer then went to court: the sentence would be ‘disproportionate’ and she would not deserve this ‘as a victim of a serious form of harassment by a supervisor.’

The court ruled in favor of the officer yesterday. The officer shared ‘confidential police information’ and this has seriously damaged the ‘image of the organization and confidence in the plaintiff.’ As a result, the judge considers the dismissal ‘not disproportionately heavy.’ The agent should have known what the consequences of breaking the duty of confidentiality would be. She also did not explain to the court why she did not try other options before going to the press.

Sexual Harassment

Remarkably enough, the penalty for the team chief was withdrawn this summer because of the way in which he dealt with the female unfit.


Obviously, this case has only losers. That’s sour

Hessel Koster, National Police

The District Court of the Central Netherlands ruled last July that, although the manager has behaved ‘unauthorized and inappropriate’, ‘and thus the limits of the permissible [heeft] exceeded’, but that the dismissal is ‘too disproportionate to the nature and seriousness of the dereliction of duty established’. Among other things, his 30 years of loyal service with the police and the careless investigation of the case prompted the court to withdraw the chief’s resignation.

Important spearhead

The police do not want to share whether the team chief will suffer consequences from the verdict, because of privacy. Spokesperson Hessel Koster does emphasize that tackling sexual harassment in the workplace is an important priority for the police and that the situation is regretted. “It is clear that this case only has losers. That is harsh,” said Koster.

“Police work is often emotionally and psychologically demanding work. Feeling safe with colleagues is important everywhere, especially with the police. Internally, there is a lot of attention for this theme. It is also a subject that requires constant maintenance. For example, there are now several counters where colleagues can go for help when something is going on in the personal sphere or at work. Colleagues just don’t always know where to go. We are busy with that.”

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Court: Dismissal of an agent who informed the press about sexual harassment ‘entirely justified’ | Inland
Source link Court: Dismissal of an agent who informed the press about sexual harassment ‘entirely justified’ | Inland

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