‘Cryptotelephone service Sky cracked in Belgium’ | Tech

Investigation services have again managed to crack a major provider of encrypted crypto phones. According to Belgian media, this is Sky ECC, a provider of these phones that is frequently used by criminals. Rumors that Sky would have been cracked had been circulating for some time.

The Belgian federal police raided 200 places in Belgium on Tuesday morning around 5:00 a.m. 1,500 officers would have been involved in this. According to Belgian media, it was already possible to crack the popular service in December 2020, after which the police and judicial authorities would have read live for a while with the messages that criminals sent each other. Large consignments of drugs allegedly intercepted in the port of Antwerp are attributed to reading along with these messages.

According to the Belgian newspaper Gazet van Antwerp even two lawyers would have been arrested in a major drug investigation.

New blow to the underworld

Sky was seen as ‘the holy grail’ among encrypted communications providers. Providers such as Ennetcom and PGP-Safe were already cracked and dismantled by the Dutch police. Major criminal cases, such as the Marengo liquidation process, are largely based on the intercepted messages found by the police. In mid-2020, the underworld received another blow, when – again the Dutch police – messaging service managed to crack Encrochat. For three months, the police were able to read the millions of messages that were sent. Through these reports, the police discovered, among other things, the rolled up ‘torture complex’ in Wouwse Plantage.

‘Cryptotelephone service Sky cracked in Belgium’ | Tech
Source link ‘Cryptotelephone service Sky cracked in Belgium’ | Tech

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