Customs intercepts 115,000 kilos of cocaine in 2020

Drug criminals do not seem to be affected by the corona crisis. In 2020, customs and investigative authorities intercepted more than 115,000 kilos of cocaine destined for Dutch ports. In addition, they seized about 1,000 kilos of hash and khat, about 500 kilos of ecstasy and marijuana and a few dozen kilos of heroin, amphetamine and crystal meth. The drugs have a street value of billions of euros, says a spokesman for the customs.

Not all drugs were intercepted at the Dutch border. Dutch customs cooperates with the customs of Belgium, Brazil and the United States, among others. In addition, it has cooperation partners in South America. Using partly Dutch information, these smuggling networks close to the cocaine production source are dismantled.

Last year, Dutch customs officers seized more than 48,000 kilos of cocaine at Schiphol and in Dutch seaports. That is almost a quarter more than last year. Customs itself explains this increase in, among other things, more and smarter controls. Customs officers use odor detection containers and smart algorithms, among other things.

Postal parcels and letters

It’s not just drugs coming into the country. Dutch criminals also export synthetic drugs, which are produced here. “We want to fulfill the same role as our international partners when it comes to pills manufactured in the Netherlands. We prefer to intercept drugs at the source,” says Nanette van Schelven, Director-General of Customs. That is why customs also keep an eye on the outgoing flow of letters and packages.

Customs discovered synthetic drugs produced in the Netherlands in nearly 3000 of those parcels and letters.

Customs intercepts 115,000 kilos of cocaine in 2020
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