Despite the blockade rules, companies across the Netherlands reopen

Rumors coming from The Hague this week suggest that the current blockade will not be completely lifted at a press conference on Friday. However, restaurants and shops across the Netherlands are fed up with strict rules, and many have confirmed that they will be open on Saturdays as usual, regardless of restrictions.

It is unlikely that the Dutch government will lift all blockade restrictions

Due to the surge in COVID-19 infection rates across the country, many physicians and medical professionals are concerned about the impact of Omicron waves on the Dutch medical system and its staff. With this in mind, the Dutch government appears to be set to lift some restrictions on the holding industry, but the hospitality industry remains closed for the foreseeable future.

However, business owners across the country are dissatisfied with the government’s approach, and many say that stores and restaurants will open their doors to customers this weekend, regardless of regulation.

Shops and restaurants across the Netherlands will reopen

NOS Retail chains Ziengs, Scapino, Shoeby and Score are reporting to resume in some municipalities on Saturday. “The stores in the countries around us are open and the Dutch are going to shop there all at once, which sacrifices our sales,” said Royvan Keulen, CEO of the company that owns Ziengs and Scapino. Says.

People in the hospitality industry also violate the rules. Thijmen van Gorkum, a restaurant in Bergen op Zoom, said: RTL Nieuws I didn’t understand why shops could be booked or restaurants couldn’t be booked. “It’s the same …. I don’t know why we have to close.”

Business owners such as Enschede, Nijmegen, Goes, Zutphen and Zwolle have also announced that they will reopen this weekend.

Several municipalities announce support for Dutch companies

Some municipalities have expressed support for companies suffering from blockades and have announced that they will not enforce regulations, which will allow stores and restaurants to reopen normally.

Zutphen companies don’t have to worry about being fined for opening this weekend. Falkenburg entrepreneurs also say that the mayor is exercising the right of business owners to demonstrate.

This week, all municipalities across the country urge governments to develop new long-term plans to lift the blockade and allow society to resume, and ask ministers to consider the social and economic implications of regulation. I asked.

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Despite the blockade rules, companies across the Netherlands reopen

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