Director Floriade again expects fewer visitors

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The ailing Floriade again takes into account that fewer visitors will come than previously expected. The world horticultural exhibition in Almere previously reduced the total number of expected visitors from 2 million to 1.2 million, but director Hans Bakker says in De Telegraaf that he would be “happy” with 680,000 paying guests.

The Floriade recently said it had sold even more tickets due to promotions and a price reduction in recent weeks. “We thought for a while that we could turn the tide with cheaper tickets, but that is disappointing,” Bakker said in the newspaper.

According to the director, the corona pandemic and its consequences have thrown a spanner in the works. This makes it difficult to come to Almere from abroad, explains Bakker. In his own country, according to him, the declining purchasing power is playing tricks on the Floriade. “People therefore opt for well-known attractions if they want a day out and not for a Floriade, which also gets negative in the news.”

Last month, the six aldermen of Almere resigned because of disappointing visitor numbers to the Floriade. Those visitor numbers resulted in a loss of tens of millions for the municipality of Almere and the Floriade BV. Until June, the Floriade received 232,500 visitors, a third of the expected number. According to research, this was partly due to an entrance that was too high.

The event is held once every ten years. This year the Floriade lasts until 9 October. Bakker believes that a possible next edition should be given careful consideration. “It is no longer possible for the financial deficit to be fully borne by a municipality in this way. The horticultural sector, the central government and the provinces should bear part of the risk in the next edition of the Floriade.”

Director Floriade again expects fewer visitors
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