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In the new collective labor agreement GEO (Raw Materials, Energy & Environment), the unions want to agree on 5% more wages for employees in this sector, including waste collectors and people in the recycling centers. Because the trade unions FNV and CNV see little concrete in the negotiations with employers, it has been decided to take action.

Maadag starts the actions first with banners in visible places and a short work stoppage. If that does not work sufficiently, punctuality actions may follow.

The FNV and the employees want a collective labor agreement with a term of one year, from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. They are demanding a wage increase of 5% as of January 1. That equates to € 50 gross per month. In addition, for each employee (including flex workers) a one-off payment (‘a hero bonus’) of € 500 net.

Employers will not exceed € 40

The employers do not want to go more than € 40 gross, as of 1 June 2021. Furthermore, they think a one-off payment of € 250 is enough. Yagoubi: ‘Appreciating is rewarding and that is absolutely not reflected in this.’

Largely agree on generational regulation

The FNV and employers largely agree on other matters, such as an improved generation scheme and protocol agreements to give substance to the pension agreement and sustainable employability.

A collective labor agreement for 7,000 people

The new Collective Labor Agreement for Raw Materials, Energy & Environment (GEO) should apply to some 7,000 employees who work at process companies, waste incinerators, service companies and waste collectors. Think of people on the garbage trucks and gritters, in the recycling centers and on sweepers, but also process operators and crane operators. They are not employed by municipalities, but companies.

Dirt collectors take action | Look at news
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