DNB: many homeowners cannot afford sustainability

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About a fifth of homeowners cannot afford to make their own home more sustainable. In addition, people who do have enough resources at their disposal lack the incentive to make their homes more sustainable. This is stated by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in an analysis. According to the regulator, the government should encourage households more to tackle the house after all.

In particular, people with low incomes often live in houses that are the worst insulated. According to DNB, that immediately makes one of the problems clear. Further stretching the lending standards for these lower income groups to allow for more investment is undesirable, according to the regulator. This is because this makes these people even more financially vulnerable.

The problem is that, according to DNB, this group is too broad to simply award a subsidy to it. It may be necessary to consider what is possible at a regional level, also in consultation with provinces and municipalities.

According to DNB, approximately half of homeowners have enough savings for sustainability. Another 30 percent do not have the necessary money in the savings account, but could increase the mortgage. These homeowners can therefore afford sustainability, but often do not want to, concludes DNB.

According to the regulator, one should look at how investments in sustainability can be made more financially attractive. In addition, it is often not yet clear what is expected of homeowners. That too should be worked on, according to DNB.

DNB: many homeowners cannot afford sustainability
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