Do you stay at home during your vacation? This is how you can relax

“If you stay at home, it is very easy to work for a while, even if it is just reading and answering emails,” confirms Marianne van Woerkom, associate professor of human resource studies at Tilburg University and professor of positive organizational psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During this interview, she herself has a home vacation. “When you’re away, you can receive work email on your phone, but writing more than a short email back is difficult on a phone. At home you open your laptop and that is a lot easier.” According to Van Woerkom, there is only one real solution for this: “Set up an out-of-office notification and put that laptop under lock and key.”

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That you then respond less quickly to that oh-so-important email is not selfish; it is important. “You have to guard that limit very hard for yourself,” says Van Woerkom. “When you work, your stress level builds up due to all the stressors. You don’t have those stressors during the holidays. Then your stress level drops and you can recharge. Compare it to a battery: it will not continue to work if it is not charged regularly.”

Van Woerkom has decided for herself that she will only answer emails that cost her little time and, above all, little energy, such as passing on a telephone number to a colleague who asks for it. “That has no influence on my holiday feeling. But I consciously don’t read through more complicated questions or documents, things that make me feel like I’m working.”

Holiday of the future

It is good to teach yourself that you cannot always travel around the world during a holiday, says Ondrej Mitas, lecturer and researcher in tourism at Breda University of applied sciences. “In a few years it will no longer be possible to enjoy a holiday as we were used to before the pandemic. That will either be impossible or very expensive due to the measures against climate change.”

Are you already feeling a sense of pessimism? That is not necessary at all, says Mitas, you can also have a nice and good holiday from home. “There are four mechanisms that ensure that you get a good feeling from vacation. One of them is to really distance yourself from your work. The other three are that because of the new experiences you gain, you live more in the moment, have different relationships with the people around you (for example, more time for meaningful conversations) and meet new people.”

Mitas advises thinking about which of these aspects you find important, and then thinking about how you can pursue them from home. “Of course that also depends on what the reason is that you stay at home during your holiday. Is that because you don’t dare to go abroad yet? Then you might be able to go to a campsite in your own country for a few days. But have you been hit hard in your wallet by the corona crisis? Then there are also nice cheap or free outings.”

Get out the door

In any case, he advocates not staying at home during the day, so that you really get a different routine. Van Woerkom also advises this. “Watching Netflix all day on the couch doesn’t really relax you.” Mitas always goes back to his home country Slovakia in the summer, but last summer he was home for a few weeks due to corona. “It’s surprising how far you can walk or cycle in a day. So go do that. Anyone can get to places they’ve never been from home.”

Van Woerkom also advises that. She spent the first part of her holiday on her bicycle. “Being outside and being physically active are both known to be good for your well-being. And there is another advantage: you can’t answer work e-mails or take phone calls from colleagues while cycling. And after a brisk bike ride, you’re too tired for that in the evening.” Mitas often took the bike during his home holiday last year. He drove from Brabant to Dutch Limburg. “Because I heard a different language there, it immediately felt like a holiday.”

Do what you like

According to Van Woerkom, you should mainly do things that you enjoy during your holiday. “The most important thing is that you spend your time the way you want, and that as few people as possible can claim it.” That is what Mitas also says: “There are people who go on holiday because they think it is appropriate, and because their environment does too. That is a bad reason, because then others will decide how you spend your free time.” So don’t cycle like crazy every day if you don’t like it, but choose, for example, to go to a swimming pool, forest or museum that is still unknown to you.

What also helps to get a holiday feeling at home or in your vicinity is doing something new. For example, Mitas learned how to cook Japanese from a cookbook. Van Woerkom: “By doing something that you have rarely or never done before, it is easier to get out of your daily worries. This also applies to canoeing, a typical holiday activity. You need all your attention for that, and working while in a canoe is impossible.” That is perhaps the best tip for people who really don’t manage to let go of their work during their vacation: go do something that simply makes you unable to work.

Do you stay at home during your vacation? This is how you can relax
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