Donkers makes competition debut with a beautiful goal at SCMH | amateur football

4hFor Gijs Donkers, the match against Ulysses was one to never forget. The debutant scored a wonderful goal.

SCMH – Ulysses 2-1 (1-1) 3. Roel Bekkers 1-0, 37. Paul van Lith 1-1, 82. Gijs Donkers 2-1.

,,I’m really happy for Gijs. That boy made his competition debut and immediately scored with a marker over the keeper. That was a really nice moment for our young striker,” said 23-year-old SCMH trainer Vos. Ulysses trainer Van Erp thought it was all less beautiful. “Despite our tight squad, I’m proud of what we’ve shown. I also didn’t think the defeat was justified.

NLC’03 – Achilles Streak 1-2 (1-1). 21. Jori Sengers 0-1, 34. Pieter van den Meerakker 1-1, 48. Tom Verstegen 1-2.

,,Both teams didn’t play well, but the best team won,” admitted NLC coach Van Kreij. His colleague Nelissen agreed with him: ,,The match was not very good, but based on the opportunities created, we we rightly won”.

Cito – Herpinia 3-2 (2-0) 13. Mustafa Gules 1-0, 20. Mustafa Gules 2-0, 60. Ferhat Costun 3-0, 88. Beau van Dieten 3-1, 90. Niek Tijssen 3- 2.

,,It’s unbelievable that you can almost give up a match like that. You play well, but in the final phase it could have been 3-3″, admitted Yavuz Demirci. tap out of the intersection, because otherwise you will get a point here”, Hendriks van Herpinia indicated.

SSA Vesta – Vorstenbossche boys 6-1 (3-1) 4. Jeroen Zegers 1-0, 30. Jop Bruggers 2-0. 42. Jeroen Zegers 3-0, 48. 3-1, 52. Jacques de Vocht (pen) 4-1, 55. Jeroen Zegers 5-1, 65. Jop Bruggers 6-1.

“It’s great to start the season like this. Although our game was not good, we scored at the right moments,” said trainer Strik van Vesta, who was impressed by the opponent’s game despite the result.

FC De Rakt – Siol 6-2 (4-1) 15. Thomas Mertens 1-0, 26. Own goal 2-0, 37. 2-1, 39. Thomas Mertens, 44. Robin van de Ven 4-1, 65. 4-2 (pen), 68. Thomas Mertens 5-2, 82. Bart Langenhuizen.

,,We were the better team today and we started the game well. I didn’t expect our first game to go so well. In the end you will lose some sleep, but we will work on that in the near future. In any case, I am proud of our boys.”

Both teams provided the necessary spectacle in the first game of the season. Festilent eventually came out on top, thanks to Bram Geurts, who scored no less than three times and thus handed over his business card.

Donkers makes competition debut with a beautiful goal at SCMH | amateur football
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