Don’t be a trash bag, use your own mug, says environmental groups


According to environmental group Schoene Rivieren (clean river), charging disposable plastic and paper coffee cups for 25 cents discourages their use and prevents about 3 billion pieces from leaking into the environment each year. be able to.

The organization, which has been cleaning the riverbanks of the Netherlands twice a year since 2017, records the nature and origin of the waste found.

In the final tally from mid-February to mid-March, volunteers found 200,000 waste, including 1,800 disposable cups, at 512 locations along the river.

Schone Rivieren has also launched an awareness campaign for coffee drinkers. ‘It’s really very easy. The standard contents of a bag are a key, a purse, a phone, and for now a face mask.For example, why not pour coffee or takeaway tea into your mug? ”Spokeswoman Ann Stallk told broadcaster NOS.

Approximately 84% of the waste found on the riverbank was plastic, which contained six types of disposable plastic, including cotton swabs and plastic tableware. Many disposable product bans will come into effect on July 3, but stores and manufacturers can sell out their existing inventory.

“The ban is the most powerful weapon against plastic waste. What isn’t produced isn’t released into the environment, but we still have a long way to go,” says Stolk.

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Don’t be a trash bag, use your own mug, says environmental groups

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