‘Don’t make Groningers despair again, offer help’


According to knowledge institutes TNO and Technical University (TU) Delft, the deep subsidence and rises in the soil around Norg and the Groningen gas field are not the cause of damage to homes and other buildings. Other experts say that there is indeed a link between these damages and gas extraction. This is what Nico Stolwijk of Vereniging Eigen Huis says

‘Now finally give the victims of Groningen the benefit of the doubt. This is yet another example of discussions being held over their heads, ‘says Stolwijk. ‘It only brings new uncertainty as these homeowners have been struggling for years to get compensation for the obvious damage to their homes. It seems as if everything is being done to minimize the need to pay out. ‘

The Institute for Mining Damage Groningen (IMG) had already halted the handling of 1,250 damage reports from North Drenthe and Southeast Groningen. Previously, 700 damage reports had already been granted. How the IMG will now proceed with claims handling is extremely uncertain.

‘VEH, together with the GBB and the Gas Council, published the Social Charter Groningen, a powerful plea for a human solution to the problems in Groningen,’ says Stolwijk.

‘Don’t make Groningers despair again, offer help’
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