‘Doubling’ events should help to grow further

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Payment service provider thinks it will earn a lot of money this year from the reopening societies. The travel sector is expected to sell more tickets to tourist attractions, customer service services for are improving and the number of events will be “perhaps twice as high as in a normal year”. “Festivals are sold out within an hour,” says CEO Jeroen van Glabbeek. started as a chat service provider in all those markets and is now active. Around this time, the Breda company will start processing payments for the Dutch ministries. For example, if a new passport is purchased at an embassy abroad or if a soldier buys food in a restaurant at work.

The CEO also has high expectations of the SoftPOS innovation. According to him, a smartphone can be used to receive debit card payments, without the need for a debit card machine. At festivals, also wants to use its regular debit card system more often, for example for drinks sales. Van Glabbeek: “Pay more often with the debit card and less with coins.”

Together, this should result in a turnover growth of at least 30 percent this year compared to 2021. “We started the first quarter really strongly now. In the second quarter, that growth will be a little more difficult, because we grew exponentially during that period last year.” For example, the services that provided governments for making testing and vaccination appointments are expected to have reached their peak. In order to grow further this year, the aim is to make an average takeover every quarter and to expand to a new country over the same period. The company, which started in 1999, now operates in 23 countries.

Last year, turnover grew by 67 percent to 237 million euros. The gross profit almost doubled compared to a year earlier to more than 61 million euros.

‘Doubling’ events should help to grow further
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