Downer for boas: no backup at control nightclubs, ‘But the parties go on’ | Economy

The Labor Inspectorate will not check on Saturday evening whether boas can do their job under safe conditions during the reopening of the clubs. It is unclear to the inspectorate whether or not municipalities will enforce and whether the police will strike in all cases, a spokesperson said. The BOA ACP union reacts disappointed and now indicates that physical enforcement is no longer possible.

The many parties that are planned in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, among other places, can therefore continue as usual, union chairman Richard Gerrits expects. “We are not going to risk the safety of our people by evacuating pop halls and discotheques in uniform. We expect to stick to administrative enforcement.” According to Gerrits, you can think of a fine that is given afterwards.

Letter inspection

The boas initially wanted extra help and asked the Labor Inspectorate to check whether the boas can do their work safely. The unions don’t think it’s safe enough for boas if they have to enforce the closing times of the nightclubs on their own. “Normally boas do this work only in collaboration with the police,” according to the unions. “A boa in uniform, who still does not have the necessary means of defense, must not become the victim of the mayors’ vigor.”

In a letter to the unions, in the hands of this site, the Labor Inspectorate says it cannot accede to the boas’ request. ‘In accordance with our policy, when reports of aggression and violence are reported, we assess the measures an employer takes to prevent aggression and violence against employees’, the letter states. ‘Because it is not clear to us which municipalities may have an insufficient policy regarding aggression and violence towards their employees, we cannot and will not take any action at this time.’


The union has consulted with several municipalities about the plans. Some municipalities just want to enforce, other municipalities say that enforcement will not take place without the police. There is also a lot of choice for civilian enforcement. This means that boas in normal clothing check which catering establishments are open. For example, administrative fines can be imposed retrospectively and the safety of the enforcer is not jeopardized. ,,That is very nice. There is then no danger for the boas”, Gerrits said earlier.

Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema has announced that Amsterdam nightclubs that participate in the protest risk a fine of 4500 euros if they open their doors on Saturday. The individual clubs will receive a letter on Friday, which immediately serves as a warning. Earlier it was announced that all tickets of the Amsterdam clubs that participate are sold out. It would be about 20,000 to 25,000 cards.

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Downer for boas: no backup at control nightclubs, ‘But the parties go on’ | Economy
Source link Downer for boas: no backup at control nightclubs, ‘But the parties go on’ | Economy

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