Doxing should be punishable by law, but tough to crack down, says MPS

A majority of lawmakers are expected to support a new law that would allow it to be considered a crime to publish a person’s address online, but they are unsure how the measure could be cracked down. remains questionable.

At this time, publishing personal addresses online, known as doxing, is not a crime.

Need for new legislation. Discussed No controversy at parliament on Thursday, but questions remain about its effectiveness, broadcasters NOS report.

CDA MP agrees, but would like to know how intent to intimidate can be proven. The D66 MP said the effect of the new law would be something like “mopping up while the taps are running” because names and addresses are easily available through the chamber’s registry. The land registry Kadaster is also open to anyone who wants data on homeowners.

D66 MP Joost Sneller said that only certain professionals, such as realtors, should be able to access Kadaster. “And we need to make it more difficult to locate judges, lawyers, journalists, scientists, etc.,” he told the station.

You will also be asked about penalties for exposure. The VVD says a year in prison is not enough, but the SGP wants higher penalties for leaking a politician’s address.

Cracking down on the new law also means boosting police capacity, which is under pressure in the current situation, parliamentarians said. Doxing should be punishable by law, but tough to crack down, says MPS

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