Dream job at FC Barcelona becomes a nightmare for Ronald Koeman | Foreign football

Ronald Koeman had a great time with the Dutch national team when FC Barcelona invited him again last summer to start as head coach. He felt he couldn’t refuse his dream job again. They wouldn’t come to him again any time soon.

And so Koeman said goodbye to the Dutch national team, which had blossomed again under his leadership. The place in the final of the Nations League and victories over France, Germany and England offered prospects for a great European Championship. But Koeman always wanted to be head coach of Barcelona.

The former coach of Vitesse, Ajax, Benfica, PSV, Valencia, AZ, Feyenoord, Southampton and Everton knew that it would not be easy at the club that he had delivered the European Cup 1 as a player in 1992. But he also thought it was a wonderful challenge to build a new and successful team.


Solve it if you don’t want me, but don’t let me dangle

Quote Koeman from Videoland documentary

A week before Koeman started, Barcelona was humiliated on the bench with trainer Quique Setién by Bayern Munich (2-8). Lionel Messi was completely done with the club management, but was not allowed to leave. Barcelona was left with a debt of 1.2 billion euros and Joan Laporta returned as chairman to save his club.


In all the turmoil, Koeman started the job he’d aspired to throughout his career. Step by step he achieved results, for a moment even the national title came into view. But in the end Atlético Madrid became champions and Barcelona still won the national cup. It could have been a lot worse, Koeman thought. Laporta saw it differently and doubted whether Koeman should remain a trainer.

Ronald Koeman (r) together with Joan Laporta. © AFP

Koeman didn’t like that Laporta let him dangle like that, it became clear in the Videoland documentary Força Koeman. ,,Then say: you are not good enough, we stop. Solve it if you don’t want me. But don’t let me dangle,” he grumbled. But in the end Koeman was allowed to continue. But without Messi, who had become unaffordable and left for Paris Saint-Germain.

In September, Laporta was still so satisfied with Koeman that he started talking about contract extension. But since the hopeless home defeat against Bayern Munich (0-3) with Luuk de Jong, who was recruited by Koeman as the basic player, everything was different. Laporta had been so annoyed by a way of playing with five defenders that his patience with the Dutch head coach had run out.

Laid off

Koeman asked for patience and emphasized that you cannot just put together a new and successful team. Certainly not if there is no money for major purchases. But the Barcelona leadership would rather see another head coach and so Koeman was fired after more than a year. Away dream job. And now Louis van Gaal, who was once also a trainer with the Catalans, has already helped the Dutch national team on its way towards the World Cup in Qatar at the end of next year.

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Dream job at FC Barcelona becomes a nightmare for Ronald Koeman | Foreign football
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