Dutch celebrities put mothers in the spotlight | Stars

Patricia Paay, among others, puts her mother in the spotlight on this day. “Our mother turns 96 next week, what a milestone. I regularly post something from the nursing home where she stays. Of course I’m going to visit her today with something tasty.” Gordon, who currently lives in Dubai, also reflects on his mother. “On this day I always honor you extra…..”, he writes with a photo of his now deceased mother, “I am not here to bring a tompouce to your grave but I have found a Hema here where I can posthumously a take on you! The craziest sweetest annoying but above all funniest mom in the world!”

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Reality star Dave Roelvink shares a photo of his girlfriend Jazzlyn Dusoswa holding their baby, and a photo of his mother holding him as a baby. “The first great love in your life is your mother don’t forget that,” he captioned the photos, “happy Mothersday my queens.” Singers Jan Dulles, Jim Bakkum and Simon Keizer also express their appreciation for their girlfriend or wife on this day. For example, Bakkum writes with a photo of his wife Bettina Holwerda with their children: “I am not exaggerating when I say that I am happy every day that she is the mother of my children.”

Ellemieke Vermolen, Bibi Breijman, Monica Geuze, Hadewych Minis, Kimberley Klaver and Laura Ponticorvo say they are happy mothers. “My first Mother’s Day,” Laura writes with a photo of herself with her daughter. “I want to send a lot of love to all fellow moms, wish moms, bonus moms and the people for whom this may be a sad day.”

Dutch celebrities put mothers in the spotlight | Stars
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