Dutch companies in Ukraine attentive to the situation

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Dutch companies and entrepreneurs active in Ukraine do not seem too concerned about the deteriorating situation in the country for the time being, but are keeping a close eye on this. For example, large bank ING and oil and gas group Shell, which are active on a small scale in the country. On Saturday, Minister Wopke Hoekstra of Foreign Affairs called on the Dutch in the country to return because of the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, which has stationed troops at the border.

Shell, which has been active in Ukraine since 2006, said on request that it will “of course keep a close eye on the situation” and take measures if necessary. Shell operates about 130 gas stations in Ukraine and has five employees in the country. About 1,500 people work for the company’s service station branch in Ukraine. The company does not want to go into details about the possible recall of employees after the call from Minister Hoekstra.

ING, which is also active in the country, already said it has “very few” non-Ukrainian employees in Ukraine. “The safety and health of our people is our priority. We support the approximately 100 colleagues in Ukraine and are closely monitoring the situation,” an ING spokesperson said. Of the major Dutch banks, ING is most active in Ukraine.

Entrepreneurial organizations evofenedex and Transport en Logistiek Nederland said when asked that they heard hardly any noise from members driving in the country. “There is nothing specific to report on the trade side, perhaps at a later stage. There are also sometimes sanctions that companies are used to working with,” said an evofenedex spokeswoman. For example, there are visa bans and frozen funds for certain persons, companies or organizations in Ukraine. Extensive sanctions also apply to the Crimea area. It was incorporated by the Russians in 2014.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) also warns on its website about tensions between Russia and Ukraine and that the situation could change quickly.

Dutch companies in Ukraine attentive to the situation
Source link Dutch companies in Ukraine attentive to the situation

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