Dutch government commits billions to new budget plan

On Thursday evening, the Dutch government confirmed an additional € 2 billion investment to combat the national housing crisis, raise teacher salaries and compensate for rising energy prices.

Adjustments made to the Dutch 2022 budget

After the Cabinet announced its 2022 budget on Tuesday, Congress raised issues on many fronts. In particular, the fact that investments to promote (affordable) housing development have little help in curbing the growing housing crisis.

After much debate, Thursday afternoon, some additions were made to next year’s government budget. Overall, these new policies will increase the total budget by about € 2 billion. To encourage housing unions to reduce rent and new construction costs, the Cabinet has allocated € 500 million for the partial abolition of landlord levies.

In addition, € 300 million will be invested in defense and an additional € 200 million will be reserved to fund police and community service officers (BOAs). € 500 million will be used to reduce energy costs for families and small businesses. An additional € 500 million will be used to reduce salary disparities between teachers working in primary and secondary education.

Dutch government reforms student loan system

In addition to these important changes in the national budget, the government has health workers and the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) Supported the motion to abolish the student loan system and replace it with a basic grant as soon as possible.

Christen Unie and the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) have submitted this motion, stating: Higher than before [and] The opinion is that it is not desirable for young people to accumulate debt, [while] You need to find a job and a home. “

The Dutch Students’ Union LSVb was pleased to see the House’s “death blow” on the lending system, but emphasized that no concrete action was taken. “We aren’t there yet,” said Ama Boahene, chair of LSVb. NOS Radio 1 Journal..

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Dutch government commits billions to new budget plan

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