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For new expats to the Netherlands, here is a list of Dutch home decor brands that you may not be familiar with but are likely to come across when shopping for furniture, bedding, tableware and more.

&k lever ring – A Dutch home decor brand with a modern look and modern interpretations of classics. We have everything from vases, candlesticks, statues and desk accessories to colorful tableware and wall art. &klevering is sold at De Bienkolf Department stores, luxury interior shops, etc. online.

Orpin – Dutch bed and mattress brand founded in Deventer over 100 years ago. Their style aesthetic is contemporary classic. Many hotel chains use Auping brand mattresses in their rooms. Beds are made to order. Auping is sold through our own retail stores, independent and chain bed shops, and online retailers.

bedding room – Dutch bedding brand. Available at department stores, specialty stores, and online retailers such as bol.com. This collection includes bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and other bedroom items. The company also manufactures bedding for other companies such as: Orpin and Riviera Maison.

be pure home – A home furnishing brand owned by De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture Company (headquartered in North Holland). The line includes flat pack ready-to-assemble furniture (sofas, chairs, cabinets, tables), area rugs, throws, accent pillows, lamps and more. BePureHome items are available from multi-brand furniture stores ( Woon Express), De Bienkolf Department stores and online retailers.

blonde amsterdam – This Dutch tableware brand is known for its ceramics featuring colorful designs and humorous text. The collection includes plates, mugs, serving trays, cake plates, cookie jars, kitchen towels and more. Although it is sold at specialty stores, De Bienkolf In department stores and online shops, bol.com.

dutch bone – Dutch mid-range upholstery and furniture brand. Armchairs average €500, coffee tables €300, bar stools €250 and accent pillows €35. The collection draws inspiration from exotic locations around the world, including Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the mountains of South America. Dutchbone is a multi-brand furniture retailer (for example, Intense Acquisition) and online.

Essenza – A Dutch bedding brand founded in the Utrecht area in the 1990s.The product is sold at De Bienkolf Department stores, multi-brand bedding stores, online. Essenza also manufactures international branded bedding.

hong kong living – Growing Dutch interior decoration brand in the Netherlands and abroad (sold in over 50 countries). Its aesthetic is clean, minimalist and contemporary, and the collection includes furniture, décor, bedding and tableware.Items can be found at De Bienkolf You can buy it at department stores, kitchen and cooking stores like DOK, home centers like Woon, and online at bol.com.

KAAT Amsterdam – Dutch soft furnishing and lifestyle brand from Beddinghouse. The collection includes decorative pillows, bed throws and beach towels.Multi-brand interior stores and online.

label 51 – Dutch furniture brand founded in Thiel in 2012. Contemporary designs are coordinated throughout the collection, allowing you to mix and match items by color and material. Its aesthetic is both modern and industrial. Label51 products are sold by multi-brand furniture stores ( Intense Acquisition) and online.

PIP studio – A Dutch tableware and home decor brand from Amsterdam known for its colorful patterns. The collection includes porcelain tableware, kitchen and bath products, cushions, bedding and even women’s fashion.Items are sold at De Bienkolfbetter interior shops and online.

riverdale – A Dutch home furnishing brand founded in 2006 and headquartered near The Hague. We launch a new seasonal collection every six months to complement that core style. Riverdale products are sold in our own retail stores, multi-brand home decor stores ( Intense Acquisition), bedding store, online.

Riviera Maison – A Dutch furniture and upholstery company that has grown significantly in the Netherlands and abroad since the 1990s. The brand’s aesthetic is modern and rustic, with a wide range of items ranging from furniture, beds and lamps to tableware, rugs and linens. Riviera Maison has its own retail chain, De Biencorf department store, multi-brand furniture store ( Intense Acquisition) and online.

swiss sense – A sleep specialty brand founded in 1918 in Uden, the Netherlands. The collection includes mattresses, bed frames, box springs and accessories. Swiss Sense has a timeless and modern aesthetic. Its products are sold through its own store network, independent and chain bed stores. online.

van dyke – A long-established Dutch bedding brand founded in the Netherlands about 100 years ago. The label offers bed sheets, duvets and covers, bath towels and a variety of bedroom accessories. They are known for their floral patterns. Vandyck is sold by leading multi-brand bedding stores. De Bienkolf Department stores and online.

Venen – The Dutch home interior brand was founded 50 years ago but has seen the biggest growth in the last decade. 2014’s hugely successful home makeover reality series brought the brand to the highest level of popularity. The vtwonen collection includes tableware, furniture, bedding, upholstery, bath accessories and decorations. You can find them in home furnishings and home decor stores. De Bienkolf Department store, vt wonen web shop and other online retailers.

wood – Dutch furniture and home decor label Ekhorn Dutch Furniture company. The brand’s aesthetic is modern basics with Scandinavian style. The collection includes sofas, tables, cabinets, beds, wardrobes and decorations. Wood products are sold by multi-brand furniture stores ( Intense Acquisition) and online retailers.

Zuiver – A contemporary Dutch home furnishing brand founded 20 years ago in Zaandam. Our affordable collection includes sofas, chairs, tables, TV stands, baskets, cushions, area rugs and wall decor. Zuiver products are available at multi-brand furniture and upholstery stores ( Intense Acquisition), of De Bienkolf Department stores and online retailers.

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