Dutch News Podcast: Flemings and Flamingos

Amsterdam will ban smoking in public spaces in the latest stage of the capital’s 12-step plan to break its addiction to drug tourism.

The political agenda is dominated by lengthy pension negotiations and fears that the refugee system will collapse again this summer.

Wopke Fuchstra flew to Beijing to reassure the Chinese that little things like war, genocide and industrial espionage would not undermine their €73 billion trade partnership.

One football coach abruptly resigned, another unexpectedly stayed on, while the Ajax women’s team canceled their league-winning celebrations to avoid humiliating the underperforming men’s team. Military officials have also faced fire over allegations that they used training funds to procure high-end barbecue.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/05/28/dutchnews-podcast-the-flemings-and-flamingos-edition Dutch News Podcast: Flemings and Flamingos

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