Dutch opposition happy with collapse of government

The Dutch opposition was content with the collapse of Rutte IV’s government. BBB frontwoman Caroline Van Der Plath tweeted a picture of herself smiling, saying she wanted others to see her face when they heard the news.

“Goodbye Rutte and Kaags!” PVV leader Geert Wilders wrote. He said he had requested a parliamentary inquiry.

PvdD leader Esther Owehand wants “a definitive end to the Rutte era”. “It is unprecedented for a prime minister to try to save his own life and create a new crisis,” she said.

Lawrence Dassen van Volt shared a picture of a broken vase, referring to Mark Rutte’s metaphor, which likened Holland to a vase that must be held together. He refers to “cynical party politics”.

Joost Eerdmans shared a message from his party JA21. “We can’t go on like this. JA21 is ready for a new election!”

Wyblen van Haaga wrote “Finally!” He is looking forward to the new elections, which he hopes to participate in with the new political party BVNL.

According to the Democratic Forum, clCabinet collapsed “as a result of political maneuvering” because “when it comes down to it, all cartel parties support the same policies: more immigration, more climate change and the enlargement of the EU.” That’s why.

“Good news for the Netherlands! Mr Rutte is finally out of office. It has created more problems than it has solved,” said SP member Lilian Marinissen. She’s already looking forward to her mid-September campaign launch.

Ace Kuijken (PvdA) also thinks it’s time to say goodbye to Rutte. “If you’re going to do something so troublesome, you should quit.”

Groenlinks leader Jesse Craver said the drop was “inevitable”. The coalition “has been unable to recover from its own political self-interest for the last two years,” he said. As far as Mr. Claver is concerned, his party will face parliamentary elections this fall with a joint list with the PvdA.

SGP member Keith van der Stasi also said this was “not surprising”, adding: “When the coalition agreement was put up for debate a few months ago, it was clear that the cement of the coalition was crumbling. I understand,” he said. The problem did not get smaller, but rather got bigger. “

DENK’s Farid Azarkhan said it was “very sad” that the cabinet had fallen over the asylum issue. “But if Rutte doesn’t see his chances, Rutte won’t be Rutte.”

Independent MP Leanne den Hahn called the collapse of the cabinet “too sad to put into words”.

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