Dutch soldier dies during training at Schaarsbergen barracks

A Dutch soldier died during training at the Schaarsbergen barracks on Tuesday afternoon, the Ministry of Defense said. The 31-year-old soldier-in-training became unwell at the start of an exercise.

Medics stabilized the soldier at the scene and then rushed him to a hospital, where he died. The cause of his death is not yet clear. The Koninklijke Marechaussee, a policing force that works as part of the Dutch military, is investigating.

The Ministry has informed his family and colleagues. The Ministry is offering them assistance.

According to Omroep Gelderland, the man had only just started his basic training at Defense. A Defense Ministry spokesman could not yet say anything about the physical background of the deceased soldier. The group he was part of spent several weeks together. The commander will determine how the group will proceed.

The Dutch flag will be flown at half-mast at the Schaarsbergen barracks to commemorate the passing of the soldier, according to the regional broadcaster.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/09/06/dutch-soldier-dies-training-schaarsbergen-barracks Dutch soldier dies during training at Schaarsbergen barracks

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