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Expats living in the Netherlands who shop online should look for the Trustmark logo before making a purchase. The Dutch webshop trustmark proves the identity of the seller and confirms that the webshop offers guarantees to its customers according to Dutch guidelines.

Dutch webshop TRUSTMARKS

There are several companies that work with Internet retailers to provide standardized certifications that indicate that they offer certain protections to consumers. The certifier’s “trustmark” logo is usually displayed at the top or bottom of the webshop’s pages.


Twiswinkel is the Dutch retail association for online shops and distance sellers. 1,800 retail members account for nearly 70% of his Dutch online sales. To become a member of Thuiswinkel (and display his Thuiswinkel trustmark on your webshop) you must comply with the Dutch Consumer Directive.

These include:

  • Make your Terms of Service easily accessible
  • Set a reflection period of 14 days
  • Ensure that each product offered is clearly and accurately described
  • A user-friendly ordering process that follows logical steps and includes a review stage before the order is confirmed
  • Use a secure connection during the checkout process
  • Ensure the secure transport, processing and storage of consumer personal data
  • We will deal with customer complaints promptly and thoroughly. Thuiswinkel offers free arbitration if your issue is not resolved.

The Thuiswinkel trustmark is a three-color envelope (red, green and white). Below the logo is the text “Thuiswinkel Waarborg” (Thuiswinkel Waarborg). Webshops displaying the Thuiswinkel trustmark include bol.com, Wehkamp, ​​ICI Paris XL and Praxis.

trustworthy shop

trustworthy shop was founded 20 years ago in Germany to enable online shoppers to conduct cross-border transactions within the EU with confidence. The e-logo is Europe’s most popular trustmark, used by over 25,000 webshops. Trustmark tells consumers that the webshop meets their specific requirements for quality, warranty and customer service. here in Holland Dutch trustmark There are the words “Gecertificeerde webwinkel” (certified webshop), “Geld-terug-garantie” (money-back guarantee) and “Klantenservice” (customer service).

In addition to security trustmarks, Trusted Shops also employs a customer review system that allows registered consumers (currently over 7 million) to provide insight into their products and webshop experience. Webshop ratings are displayed under the trustmark, and individual reviews can be accessed through her website at Trusted Shops.

Webshop Kurmark

web shop cool mark is a non-profit webshop Trustmark Foundation (Stitching Web Shop Keurmark) in Amsterdam. All participating retailers must comply with Dutch and European consumer regulations and laws. These include reviewing the webshop to ensure it complies with current EU security standards, offering a 14-day return, and refunding payment within 14 days of the order being returned to the webshop. independent dispute resolution; and allowing customers to: Provide a review (provided by: praise) to ensure a transparent consumer experience.

More than 6,200 webshops in the Netherlands and a further 700 webshops outside the Netherlands are certified by Webshop Keurmark.

trust pilot

trust pilot is a customer review website founded in Denmark in 2007. A Dutch website was launched shortly thereafter. The Trustpilot trustmark shows the overall rating of the web shop, click to see the review.

Consumers should be aware that Trustpilot offers account upgrade options to its webshop partners. With this upgrade, the web shop will filter reviews so that only reviews above a certain star level will appear in the embedded app. This will not affect your webshop’s cumulative rating, but it will make it more annoying for your customers to see comments with low ratings.

Another drawback is that Trustpilot does not require reviewers to provide proof that they actually purchased the product being reviewed, and it is up to communities and companies to flag reviews that may not follow their guidelines. is dependent on

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