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On May 1st, over 100 people gathered at the Vismarkt in Groningen. Most were young, dressed in ragged jeans and leather, and often wore hand-sewn patches, pins, and stickers, and bandanas wrapped around their faces. International Workers Day is not often heard in the Netherlands, but a group of local left-wing organizations (Groningen Feminist Network, Groninger Studentenbond, Vrije Bond Groningen, etc.) considered it important to use the day for protests. rice field.

The march passed through the city and reached Noorderplantsoen. There, representatives of the organizing bodies gave several speeches on the purpose of the protest. Also info he had a fair and a meal by his Kraaienkeuken. “We see train strikes, workers’ struggles in Albert Heijn, the gentrification of the inner city of Groningen and soaring prices. It’s time to fight back,” said one of his speakers. . In addition to expressing solidarity with the Flink driver’s protests and the students’ occupation of his UG, some speeches also contained more traditional socialist slogans. “Protests like those in France and Iran can ignite working-class movements. It is important to fight the system, not just a single ruler,” says international socialist Groningen representative said.

What brought all these organizations together was the May Day protest in Groningen for the rights of the workers and the working class. “I think it worked out really well,” says Gele, his 24-year-old from Groningen. He appreciates that the event took place on May 1 and was attended by several protesters. why prove? Financial issues are at the forefront. Difficulties in renegotiating CAOs (Collective Bargaining Agreements) and increases in prices and rents are some of the issues most frequently cited by protesters. “Citizens have to speak up when they have an opinion,” added Puk, 45, who took part in the march from Leeuwarden.

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