Electric Mercedes-Benz EQE is coming in September

Mercedes-Benz is launching a range of new electric models this year, flagship EQS being one of them. That top electric sedan gets the EQE under it, a car that we now know will make its public debut in September.

Mercedes-Benz already has the reservation lists of the upcoming EQS on the table, but there is more EV news from Mercedes-Benz this year. The electric EQS ​​gets, among other things, the smaller EQE under it, a car that you should in fact see as the electric equivalent of the E-class. Based on statements by none other than Mercedes CEO Ola Kallenius, Automotive News writes that the EQE will make its public debut in September at the IAA taking place for the first time in Munich this year.

According to Kallenius, the EQE will be a car with which Mercedes-Benz is targeting EVs such as the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan and thus also the Audi E-tron GT. A size smaller than the EQS, a car that, according to the CEO, is ‘in a class of its own’, should far exceed the new S-class in terms of interior space. Like the EQS, the EQE will also be installed on Mercedes-Benz’s EVA platform, a modular platform specially designed for larger electric cars. On a technical level, the EQE will therefore have just as little to do with the E-class as the EQS with the S-class. Nothing, therefore, the cars also get a completely unique and striking coupé-like body.

Mercedes-Benz is busy expanding its electric EQ model family. Not only are the EQS and EQE planned, but also an EQS SUV and an EQE SUV. The former must become the electrical equivalent of the GLS, the EQE the electrical alternative to the GLE. In addition, Mercedes-Benz will soon be launching the EQA and the yet to be revealed EQB. In effect, the EQB becomes the electric version of the GLB. The EQA and the GLB do share their technical basis with cars where versions with an internal combustion engine are also available, the GLA and GLB respectively. The next generations of those more compact EVs will have a completely new and specially designed base under them.

The EQS will roll off the production line later this year in Sindelfingen. The EQE saw the light of day in Bremen and Beijing, among other places.

Electric Mercedes-Benz EQE is coming in September
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