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Queen Elizabeth has delivered her annual address to the 53 countries that make up the Commonwealth. She reflected on the corona crisis and how it has changed people’s lives. Prince Charles also gave a speech.

The British Queen spoke in her talk about the dedication and sense of duty shown by many residents of the Commonwealth countries over the past year. She especially mentioned the healthcare workers who were directly involved with corona patients. Elizabeth also discussed the vaccination program in the various countries. She said many people are hoping that there are now vaccines.

Elizabeth also elaborated on changes in society. She spoke about how the contact between people has changed. Not only because of having to keep their distance, but also because people can only meet each other digitally. The queen found it inspiring to see how the new technical possibilities for this are used by everyone.

Friendship and unity
Prince Charles urged his audience to keep up. He praised the care staff and called their efforts a great source of inspiration for everyone. His son Prince William agreed. Together with his wife Catherine, he spoke with three people involved in healthcare projects.

The pair thanked them for their unwavering commitment, even though the corona crisis often makes it difficult to carry out their duties. Catherine said that there is now a lot of appreciation for healthcare workers in Great Britain. She added that it is sour that it took a pandemic to make people understand that health workers play a vital role in society.

None of the royals made direct comments about the troubled relationship with Harry and Meghan, but Elizabeth did talk about friendship and unity in her talk. According to the queen, these are ‘more important than ever’. “Contacts with friends and family are vital to get through this difficult time,” she added.

Elizabeth in speech: contacts with family are vital | Show
Source link Elizabeth in speech: contacts with family are vital | Show

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