Eloise unfollows people who make her insecure | Royals

“I’m only a young girl, so of course I’m insecure about things too. You often see perfect things on social media,” she told the talk show table. “You have to remember that it is a snapshot of someone. And how I deal with that is really unfollowing people of whom I think all the time: you are so beautiful, if only I were like that.” Because according to the countess that is not good. “All the time wanting to be something other than you actually are. Why would you follow someone you would only compare yourself to?”

Eloise will release her first book next week. In the lifestyle guide Learning By Doing the ‘countinfluencer’ gives answers to questions she receives from her followers about clothing, student life, living rooms and nutrition. While writing the book, she was helped a little by her parents, she said. “My mother has a lot of experience with writing books, so she was very critical of the language,” she says about Laurentien. “But really only good criticism. So that’s really nice to have.”

Eloise is not supposed to be telling readers how to do things in the book. “I’m not going to tell you: this is how it should be,” emphasized the eldest granddaughter of Princess Beatrix. “I just make mistakes. I’m just 19 so I’m just doing something.”

For Eloise, Thursday was the first time she sat at the table on a talk show. And she liked that. “It’s totally fun,” she said. “A very nice atmosphere here.”

Eloise unfollows people who make her insecure | Royals
Source link Eloise unfollows people who make her insecure | Royals

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