Emergency daycare for childcare extended

It is important that parents in crucial professions can continue to work and that there is a safe and trusted place for the children. Children in a vulnerable position and children of parents with a crucial profession can therefore also go to the emergency shelter of primary education or childcare in the coming weeks. In principle, they can go to their own childcare and school for emergency care.

The starting point is that there is a right to emergency shelter if at least one parent is engaged in a crucial profession. The appeal to parents is to carefully consider whether their position falls within the crucial professional groups and whether they need childcare or whether they can provide it themselves. Employers are called upon to ensure that employees who can work from home actually do so. They are asked to take into account as much as possible the difficult circumstances in which parents of young children find themselves because they combine work, care and supervision of the children.

Restrict contacts

The aim of closing the daycare center is to prevent as many contacts and non-essential travel movements of adults as possible, so that the number of infections decreases. The starting point is therefore not to keep as many groups as possible closed, but that everyone is in the right place and that parents can continue to work with crucial professions. Childminders are open, but there is an urgent request to parents to only use the childcare if they have a crucial profession or if their children are in a vulnerable position.

British variant

An advice from the OMT on the effects of the British variant of the corona virus on children will follow shortly. On the basis of this advice, the government will decide whether childcare and primary education may be fully open again sooner, possibly from 25 January.


It remains important that parents continue to pay the invoice for childcare. The childcare allowance and the allowance for the personal contribution for parents will continue with the extension of the closure. Parents do not have to adjust their childcare allowance because of the closure. However, it is important that parents always keep their regular childcare allowance details up to date.

Emergency daycare for childcare extended
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