Eneko participates in the green hydrogen project

Eneco, a Dutch electricity and gas supplier, has participated in Nort H2, a large offshore wind-to-hydrogen electrolysis project being developed in the Eemshaven region. Eneco is participating in the Nort H2 project as an investment partner, RTV Noord reports.

The Green Hydrogen Initiative was initiated by a consortium of Equinor, RWE, Shell and Gasunie en Groningen Seaports. Aiming to cut off Russia’s gas imports and become climate-neutral by 2035, Eneco plans to invest hundreds of millions of euros in projects that are still under investigation.

The project aims to make available up to 4 GW of electrolytic cells and corresponding offshore wind capacity in the Netherlands by 2030.

Feasibility studies show that an integrated approach from offshore wind farms, production, storage and distribution to the use of green hydrogen is technically and economically feasible. However, it is imperative that the government develop an appropriate policy framework, Eneco says.

Eneko participates in the green hydrogen project

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